Posted 08/08/2014 By admin

MOES is closed during Christmas 25, 26 and 27 December, New Year’s Eve December 31st and New Year’s Day January 1st. On all other days we have regular opening hours.

Since October 2015, MOES is the Tasting Room of De 7 Deugden (the 7 Virtues) Amsterdam’s specialty beer brewery located in New West. With nine taps we always have a lot of their beers on draft, right in the city center. The permanent beers are

Ruw+Bolster              wheat beer with citrus

Arm+Zalig                  smoked beer with juniper

Scherp+Zinnig           lager with a hint of pepper

Wijs+Neuzig               dark wheat beer with cardamom

Dubbel+Dik                double with three spices

Scheepsrecht              triple with cloves

Koor+Blond                golden beer with hop

Stout+Moedig            stout with hints of coffee

As you can see, there are already eight virtues, we also serve seasonal beers.