MOES is closed

Posted 08/08/2014 By admin

On the 1st of March 2017 de Appel arts centre, our upstairs neighbor and landlord, will leave the Prins Hendrikkade. After the loss of some subsidies they are forced to move and terminated our lease. MOES thus unfortunately also ceases to exist. Terribly sorry that we can not stay longer.

Fortunately, there is good news. Spring 2017 will open a wonderful new place called Hotel Buiten at the Sloterplas. 6 days a week, with garden, large terrace, bar, kiosk and restaurant. Right next to the Sloterplas beach where you can swim in summer. MOES, but in New West with amazing views and the ultimate holiday feeling on a beautiful piece of Amsterdam Urban Nature.


You are very welcome in Hotel Buiten, our ‘retreat on the waterfont’ and you can already contribute to make this unique place even a bit better than we dreamed ourselves. With a customer card you help us in getting the funding and you help yourself to a year long 50% discount!

All discount cards are registered by name, and are valid from the day of the opening for 1 year. Send us an email with your preference to make a purchase or for more information. There are three different cards, all with 50% discount, 100% satisfaction.

92879dcd-7219-47df-971c-0a27b8a12ddfFor the connaisseur who regularly eats outside there is the entry level card Lekker Buiten for 100 euros. Which entitles to 50% discount on food, up to 2 people per reservation.

The experienced hedonist who likes to pamper himselve and others, chooses the Beter Buiten advantage card from 250 euros. You’ll get 50% discount on food, up to 4 people per reservation. And a chair with your own name!

For the big eater, with a lot of family, friends, business or other relationships we have a Royaal Buiten card. For 500 euros we offer 50% discount on food, up to 10 people per reservation, a chair with your own name and also one day free use of the confined dining or meeting space on the first floor.