MOES and Brewery De 7 Deugden

Posted 08/08/2014 By admin

Since October 2015, MOES is the Tasting Room of De 7 Deugden (the 7 Virtues) Amsterdam’s specialty beer brewery located in New West. With nine taps we always have a lot of their beers on draft, right in the city center. The permanent beers are

Ruw+Bolster              wheat beer with citrus

Arm+Zalig                  smoked beer with juniper

Scherp+Zinnig           lager with a hint of pepper

Wijs+Neuzig               dark wheat beer with cardamom

Dubbel+Dik                double with three spices

Scheepsrecht              triple with cloves

Koor+Blond                golden beer with hop

Stout+Moedig            stout with hints of coffee

As you can see, there are already eight virtues, we also serve seasonal beers like Spring+Bock at the moment.